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Expedia - save 11% on hotel bookings

11% off Expedia hotel bookings

Compare and book hotels at great prices with Expedia, and save 11%

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Benefit highlights

  1. 11% off hotel bookings with Expedia

  2. Valid at hotels worldwide

  3. The world's largest online travel company

  4. Certain hotels choose not to participate in this promotion, see full list here.

Benefit information

Expedia's easy-to-use online booking engine guarantees you the very best prices at hotels worldwide - from accommodation in major cities like New York and Barcelona, to relaxing holiday resorts in Spain and the Caribbean.

Click ‘get this perk' to save 11% on hotel bookings from Expedia - the world's largest online travel company.

Before you jet off...

Our discount can be used on pre-pay, standalone hotel bookings, which means your stay cannot be combined with other Expedia products, such as flights or car rentals.

Please note: This benefit is applicable to hotels only. 

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Special rates

42961 redeemed

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