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Free online workout and wellness classes

For online workouts that really pack a punch, sign up for your free annual Boxx membership today!

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Benefit highlights

  1. 12 months free access to Boxx's online workout platform

  2. Watch high-quality classes anytime, anywhere, on any device

  3. Boxing + Cardio, Strength and Yoga training from world-class instructors

  4. Browse the video collection and schedule them in your calendar with handy reminders

  5. Fuel your body with tasty, nutritious recipes

  6. Little-to-no equipment required

  7. After 12 months, come back here to sign up again for free!

Benefit information

A healthier, happier lifestyle is just a click away with Boxx. We're giving you full access to their online workout platform - so you can exercise anytime, anywhere, absolutely free!

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The workouts

Boxx workouts focus on Boxing, HIIT/Cardio, Strength and Yoga. Taught by world-class instructors, these sessions range from one hour to seven minutes, and can be done without any equipment - making it easy to work up a sweat at home, in the office, or even in the garden!

You can stream your workouts from the Boxx website, or download their apps for iOS or Android.  

The plans

What's your fitness goal? From weight loss, to strength training, Boxx's experts have put together downloadable plans to help you reach it the smart way.

The nutrition

You are what you eat, and Boxx have oodles of tasty and healthy meal ideas to keep you in tip-top shape.

The calendar

Browse the video collection and schedule them in your calendar with handy reminders

Ready to rumble?

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Terms and Conditions

You'll find Boxx's full terms and conditions here.

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