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Exclusive savings with Picturehouse Cinema

Picturehouse Cinemas were founded by film lovers, for film lovers. Hit 'Get this perk' to view our exclusive pricing on Picturehouse tickets.

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Benefit highlights

  1. Great price 2D movie vouchers all day, every day

  2. Click 'get this perk' to see our exclusive pricing

  3. 22 Picturehouse cinemas across London and the UK 

Benefit information

Picturehouse cinemas bring you quality mainstream, independent and documentary releases, alongside immersive live events. You might say every Picturehouse Cinema has its own story to tell.

Buy your Picturehouse Cinema tickets with IPSE Rewards, and see an eclectic range of films at one exceptional price. Pricing varies based on location, so click '˜get this perk' to view your exclusive price, and book your tickets. 

How it works:

  • Choose a cinema and the number of tickets you'd like

  • Make payment on our website

  • We'll give you one voucher code per person

  • Quote your voucher code(s) at the box office or use online

  • Picturehouse will swap your voucher code(s) for standard 2D tickets to a film of your choice

Cinema with a twist

Picturehouse are renowned for taking historic yet derelict venues and turning them into stylish cinemas, fully equipped with café bars and restaurants. Take a while to unwind before your film, or chill out afterwards. You'll be glad you did.

You don't have to choose a film, a time or a day when you buy your cinema codes. You can use your codes anytime before they expire. To use them simply present your QR code(s) at the box office to exchange for tickets.

Vouchers are valid for 2D standard adult tickets only

We cannot issue refunds for these vouchers. Please ensure your whole party meets the age restrictions and for the film you plan on watching.

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Special rates

11320 redeemed

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